Pipeline On Your Own Terms

From CI/CD to Data Science

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Pipeline On Your Own Terms

From CI/CD to Data Science

Conducto V1 drove billions of dollars in revenue over a decade by enabling a few developers to continuously deliver and iterate upon flexible and scalable pipelines.

With Conducto, I am able to build huge and complicated workflows, and it makes it easy to drill down into every job to find, fix and handle errors.

Scott K.

Quantitative Developer

Configuration as Code

Nothing beats the power and flexibility of cold, hard code. That's why we make it easy for you to create your pipelines natively in Python (and soon in JavaScript or R, too!)

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Build Local, Scale in the Cloud

At Conducto, we support the finest, artisanal, locally-sourced code. Containerize your code with ease, and run on your machine the same way as in the cloud.

When the Coding Gets Tough...

... the tough get a simple, yet powerful UI to view their number crunching results or errors they definitely didn't cause. Hey, it works on my machine.

Output in markdown

Easily access errors

Lightning Quick Debugging

Bugs happen. Use Live Debug to reproduce errors instantly. Rerun nodes in active pipelines to fix them faster than ever.

Make Trees ❤️ Not DAGs 😩

You don't need to learn new vocabulary terms in order to build pipelines with Conducto. Okay, at least not ones like "Directed Acyclic Graphs." Parallel means at the same time, Serial means one after another, and Exec means do stuff. There, you're all caught up!

A tree in Conducto


A DAG anywhere else
(artist's rendition)

I love using Conducto. At my previous company, our open source data pipelines were painful to put together and to debug. At my new job Conducto is seamless and makes research so much more productive.

Ivan K.

former Research Engineer at Blue Vision Labs (acquired by Lyft)


Run your pipeline on your local host and connect through the app. Good for learning and personal projects. Free forever.


Launch pipelines in the cloud and let Conducto handle the DevOps. Good for scaling and productionizing. Metered usage.


On-premise deployment for businesses with strict InfoSec and IP needs. Contact us for more information. (coming soon)

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